May 01, 2009

Until then--

Get the hell out of here!

No more I want you here, close to me.

While my defected self  lives lightly over life

the floor rocks, life dies around me.

Because wherever I go, nothing but pain and destruction

Because whatever I touch The Touch Of Gold prevails,

killing everything in its eccense, replacing it with an empty and shinny shell.

Don't touch me for I am cursed.


No friend like you, no one like you,

because no one can stand the drama and light-headednessof the self.

No need to do it no more.

Better of alone I am then with anyone else.

Let me be just a light breeze through life that touches no one

and moves no lieves.

The breeze that simply floats on the world and looks at it withough changind it,

withough leaving the slytest mark.

Leave me to myself and no one else. For both of us.

I need to be toghether with my self.

Only I can stand me, and I can handle it (as always).

I became tougher the last few weeks. Karma/Destiny/Life taught me

that you can only trust yourself  if  you want to live.

Trust yourself. I'll trust myself.

Let me go back to my dark corner in my dark closet now with the fake colours of discovery.

Don't trust me, trust no one and leave.

Whyle there is still dignity. Because, as someone told me, thats the only thing that there is left.

It is only my last thing to go, dignity.

And it goes as easily as all the rest. So i'll cut myself off the world of the living

and fill the void with study and useless culture.

Here and now I say GoodBye to you and ask you not to suffer no more.

Let the wound heal nicely until all that's left is a small scar of memory in the back of your mind.

And then when that's done, don't come back to re-open it.

Maybe it'll work out the next time around :)

Au Revoir.


  1. Hard words... sometimes the best to say something.

    "Trust yourself. I'll trust myself." - so should everyone.

    Ps: Comentei todos os posts.

  2. =)

    Deixei uma coisa no meu blog para ti!

    Abraço grande