May 17, 2009

Come, Lets fly!!

(to be read while listening to 'The Sirius Deception' by David Hooper on the right of my blog. Hopefuly you can imagine the same as I did.)

Why did you leave to be on my own?

You told me you wanted to be my friend,
Yet you’re gone.
And still after all this time I think of you
Because you WERE important to me.
I just wish you’d admit I was the same for you.
I miss you. And I strive every day not to
I try to move on as you once did
I put a happy façade, nice and warm smile
As a hot day of spring.
But flowers do not bloom for me no more.
For it seems I am to weak for life.
Yet too strong for death.
FUCK I am tired of this!!
I want to fly. I will fly.
Let me spread my wings on yours and hold you
Tight to my body.
We shall lift through canyons and rivers.
We shall fly to the top of the highest mountains
Discover the icicles on the tallest peek,
The water from those hidden creeks.
Come Wendy, lets fly!!
Over the hills, and the greenest fields.
See, down there, the whitest of clouds,
The most intertwining of shapes.
And feel. Feel the wind on our wings!!
Feel the sound of the roaring rains that spread life
Under us as Nature grows and evolves.
Close your eyes and feel!
Feel your darkest lightest and strongest feelings.
Let it all go when the wind rushes past you!
Look at your reflection down in the river.
Look how fast you’re flying!! We’re flying!
Together we ARE. Together we LIVE.
Come, Lets fly!!


  1. you know honey.. sometimes we just have to let it go..

    and though i'll say to you "you should live with the livings and not with the past's shadows" i can understand exactly every line you wrote.

    still.. you should live with the livings and not with the past's shadows..

    i think i know wich part of the music is the flying part =)

  2. May I just dare to say... perfect?

    Só agora cheguei aqui... mas tudo no teu blog é para mim uma série de coincidências e sinais...


  3. Gostei deste post.
    De vez em quando deveriamos mesmo voar, para esquecer tudo. A musica fez mesmo com que o senario aparecesse na minha cabeca.
    De vez em quando deveriamos voar, para escapar de tudo... talvez poderiamos entrar em outro mundo ou coisa parecida... just to forget everthing.