May 10, 2009

Truth of lies

what are you doing?

to me, to us.

No love is not enought for nothing.

In  yourself you know I am empty

yet you stand by me. Why?

If nothing you look for lies in me.

If no truth is here and the same shallow puddle

of pretendness and lies.

Maxwell Black

10 May 2009

03.00 am


  1. É altura de olhares em frente e sorrires...
    Vai por mim!

    Abraço grande

  2. Olaaa... XD
    Vim comentar o teu blog... Finalmente... XD Muahahahahahaha...Que coisa tao triste homem... Smile honey... XD

  3. Está muito bom! =)

    Life is such a great thing! Keep smiling! =)