June 22, 2012

Want for Infinity (Collapse to Nothingness)

A freak that belongs nowhere
knows not the boundary of life
the limit to which a feeling
so deep as the darkest corners of the galaxy
can bring itself to be
as strong as matter itself.

The brightest reds and yellows
are no match for the green of rage
boiling inside my mind.
Echos of nobody or anything.

You are an echo of my desire.

Untouchable shapes
only to be seen but never touched or crossed,
Reality of an Infinity
that has yet to be ended or explained.
A pure flash of nothing
fills my mind and vanishes suddenly
as if it never were.

Memories, and a pure want not to hold you
crushing; gravity pulling stars
galaxies collapsing and deep inside
as dark as the end of Time itself.

This is me.
A freak.

A freak like me just needs Infinity.

Maxwell R. Black
June 22, 2012