April 16, 2012

One Stroke

One tear of lingering memory
from a past that is now so distant
water that washes away every trace
of the steps we took on the crystal sand of yesterday.
Time it seems did pass
and you brought to light
a chapter that was left behind
so far back it was lost, locked away.
That was the chapter I died and in this one I've returned
a different person altogether.
A new unnoticed someone
more honest then ever before.

There is no bounding box
and the piano is now tuned
to another song. One of purity.

Me? I've grown way too much
and now I See.

I aspire to the other side of the River
and today I let the wind run free around me
so many brown and yellow falling
but so much yet to come!


Maxwell R. Black
April 16, 2012