January 17, 2010

Branches of a solitude that was never meant to be my own.

once more,
branches of a solitude that was never meant to be my own.
Yearning of a life where the winter is not as cold
where the night not as dark
and where you, lonely traveller,
are not so alone in your journey.

Silent snow that still falls in the lake shore
water that freezes as touch by serenity.

There used to be promises never meant to be broken
in every path.
Truth is I never thought they would be carried till the end.
Or maybe, deep inside I thought that there was still
my innocent beauty in the universe.
I guess I thought my stars would still care and planets would
still rotate in their axis of ether.

But the fifth no longer lives as it is only a projection of the self;
branch never to exist in evolution, creation developed in the gap
while mother comfortably slept by the light fireplace.

The wait holds still in the same spot it has ever
for my flying conscience to whisk me away from reality
back into Reality.
Diamond rings of solitude where the sun only shines when the blue
of mechanics rises to disrupt the infinite course of the statics;
impossibility of movement that still breaks so easily to an outsider.

The dance of the three queens, each of their own thought
and that, it turns out, not so different after all;
ray of defining, centre stage where the pool of white and blue
showed the world the reality that is every day but contained on each.

For the non referring that has left me, like many faces have
A confession never to be understood; never to be realised as true
or placed anywhere, everywhere.

I still say goodbye to you and yes, I could never let go as quickly as you could.

Maxwell Black
January 17, 2010

January 16, 2010

A Must See--

Só para ficar com o gostinho, as primeiras frases do trailer ^^

'I'm Max. I'm an explorer.'
'I travel by sea, I used to travel by air.'

Someone: 'Obviously you have no home or family.'
Max: 'Well, I have one of those, but--'
Someone: 'Did you eat them all?'
Max: 'No! I have no plans to eat anybody.' XD

Nem que seja pela similaridade dos nomes, este vou ver :P

January 11, 2010

Live cusious

Directo do National Geographic Channel: Live cusious.

January 08, 2010

Times of Winter

Robbie Williams, Alngels

Times of winter,
Rain and the sound of wind on an empty glass
of pure transparency that no eye can see.
A cry of loneliness to the winds
sound that loses meaning as dragged by the night.

I scream at nobody, wishing a soul of fulfilment
wishing another piece of me
Mind of similar, a connection left to be made.
attempt of empty words to fill a gap no word
or thought or body can fulfil.

I’ll borrow a shooting star, a strand of thought
Electric movement of gears and engines
Generation of a life to be.
Gears of hands on constant movement that
struggle to stay put and yet run towards their own destiny.

Exiled in my own mind with an obligation that I cannot do.
Rationality against itself with a goal and the means to it that
diverge from the goal itself.
A soul that needs and aspires to something different,
something better.

And then a thought of calmness from the most unlikely place.
A music that touches inside and
reminds me of a story that will never be.
It is not how it should be but it is okay.

Dreams that will only be in the mind of a dreamer,
ideas of/to nowhere that no one can appreciate
Just bulking knowledge of nothing.

A glass of a white smoke of nothingness on hard rock.

Maxwell R. Black
January 08, 2010

O filme que vou ver--

Este é um filme que faço questão de ir ver ao cinema:

Alice In Wonderland, por Tim Burton

Parece-me bastante fiel ao livro (exepto o cabelo da Alice que teima em ser loira como a Betty Boop teima em ser morena (para quém desconhece, ela é ruiva) !!). Cá esperamos pela estreia :D

Livro disponível aqui no Project Gutenberg, juntamente com outros clássicos da literatura (Eu estou a preparar-me para ler a versão original o Oliver Twist :P)