January 08, 2010

Times of Winter

Robbie Williams, Alngels

Times of winter,
Rain and the sound of wind on an empty glass
of pure transparency that no eye can see.
A cry of loneliness to the winds
sound that loses meaning as dragged by the night.

I scream at nobody, wishing a soul of fulfilment
wishing another piece of me
Mind of similar, a connection left to be made.
attempt of empty words to fill a gap no word
or thought or body can fulfil.

I’ll borrow a shooting star, a strand of thought
Electric movement of gears and engines
Generation of a life to be.
Gears of hands on constant movement that
struggle to stay put and yet run towards their own destiny.

Exiled in my own mind with an obligation that I cannot do.
Rationality against itself with a goal and the means to it that
diverge from the goal itself.
A soul that needs and aspires to something different,
something better.

And then a thought of calmness from the most unlikely place.
A music that touches inside and
reminds me of a story that will never be.
It is not how it should be but it is okay.

Dreams that will only be in the mind of a dreamer,
ideas of/to nowhere that no one can appreciate
Just bulking knowledge of nothing.

A glass of a white smoke of nothingness on hard rock.

Maxwell R. Black
January 08, 2010


  1. A escrever de dia?... Ao som de boa música... :)


  2. Gostei MUITO deste post!!!!! ;)

  3. Izzie:
    A escrever de dia enquanto devia estar a estudar? YUP ^^

    Thank you :) Eu tenho andado ausente do blogger mas, quando puder vou deixar-te um comentario ao teu cantinho tb ;)