April 11, 2010

Cause today--

Cause today I wanna scream my lungs out!! I wanna shout to the world to go fuck itself! I wanna jump, I wanna run! I wanna drink 'till I pass out, I wanna go to the disco and feel the music pumping inside my stomach. Cause today I'm gonna hear the same freaggin music as loud as I can on repeat mode! Cause today I wanna feel the wind in hair, I wanna jump from a bridge and fly my own plane! Today I could do whatever I couldn't any other day. Cause if I wasn't broked, today might have been a good day. Cause today I would have been laughing my heart out with my best friend had i had one, had this been a good day. Today, I would have found you again on the subway and befriends with you right there, to last two single train stops :) And the day would end while I would for the train back home, with unexpeted firework with the moon, the river and Orion as background. I would if I could kiss a complete stranger, give a 5€ bill to a beggar and repeat whatever my friend wispered to my outloud, in a room full of strangers :P I miss having good days. I miss loads of things-- But I cannot allow myself to think of it. Damn it, I cannot allow myself to anything that is in the past. Forwards! Jumping to the freaggin music! So please, live your perfect day! For me, for us! Jump, laugh, be with your people, party 'till your feet hurt and drink 'till you can't think straight no more! Today, tonight is all that metters, all there is! Don't let it pass, cause there may not be a tomorrow.

Enjoy my imaginary hypothetical good night! Better yet! Enjoy YOUR perfect day :)

Maxwell R. Black
April 11, 2010

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