November 10, 2009

Where the hand of seconds it the same still.

Empty of something like feeling.
A train that I earn to pass and that is still.
Another airplane,
a trip above the earth and the mundane,
among the clouds and the stars
that guides me, a Lone Traveler
through time and space to live nothing
but an attempt at what I call Life.

Should I construct an illusion of wind,
a sand castle that invariably ends up
washed by the foam and mist of the ocean,
where no living been can be for longer then
a single breath of the trees and the rain of the shore.

Please, let it shine no more,
Let rain and snow and wind
fall from where dreams are born and fantasies live;
a sole reality ready for me,
A desert of frozen sand in a scalding sunlight.

Nature flows down a mountain where earth
and sky meet, forever to be enclosed in a capsule,
A seal never to be broken by either man or beast.

A place where the rain falls towards the heavens
and the brown leaf from autumn returns to the
spotted branch of nearly white cover that
disguise a liquid that floats like fireworks
up the veins of the earth to be released from
nothing but a fringe where the dead meets living
and the inanimate turns into a moving reality
that guides a flowing wind out, towards space.

I earn to be something more than a mundane
that disguises itself for being of gold
but in reality knows of its rotten inner self.
I want something more of myself
I want to be good. I want to be the best.
Ancient clockwork in spirit but whose mind
is still raw; as far from perfection as in can possibly be
and forever falling away from it.

Disappointment is what fills more and more
a mind of waking and yet still be sleeping
in a world where the day in still the same
every single time; where the hands do not move,
neither inside or out.

A clock stopped in its own time
In itself and around it,
never to be brought back to live again.
I’m sorry for having disappoint you
And to continue on doing it every moment,
second that lasts forever.

To be dedicated to myself.

Maxwell Black
November 09, 2009

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