November 20, 2009

It is done.

I think of nothing.

I eat not, I sleep not.
I am, once more, lost; Alone.

I see you there pretending to be okay,
softening a reality for me
and I think I don’t want you to,
I don’t want you.

I talked to your present
and realized how lonely he is just with you.
I look at you and am unable to See you
but your future: that special someone
that will make you turn your head
fall in love.

I wish I had been that someone
but, as before I am no more than a friend now
and a stranger tomorrow.

I truly know your future,
because I have lived it.
Over and over my reality repeats itself
never to change.
I should be used to it by now.
Yet it pains still.
No more will my heart be given to anyone.

No new rivers will grow nor trees planted;
no more suns and starts to be shared
no more rides among the clouds
in a magic flying carpet.
It is done.

Maxwell Black
November 20, 2009

1 comment:

  1. Gosto desta tua sucessão de pensamentos... porque fazem todo o sentido.
    Primeiro desprendeste de ideias nas quais já não acreditas, gritas para ti próprio "It is done" e então fechas a porta.
    Essa é a forma, a mais pausada e sustentável de seguir em frente.
    Acredita quando te digo que são os "primeiros" passos para mudar, seguir em frente.

    Um beijo,