November 16, 2010

The wings of a fallen angel.

I looked at the mirror and didn’t recognise
the eyes that looked back at me.

There used to be a time when I’d fly
a time when my umbrella and the secret magic passage
was still there.
I visited that same alley once after
and it was as old and cold as myself.
No longer had the umbrella worked
and the passageway was now closed.

No more would I fly among the green trees
or the snow covered mountains; over the oceans.
Now all that made me is dead and buried.

There used to be a time when I was only I in me;
An eye lost among the shameful reality that
now hangs over me like a black silk cloth
that hides the cyan blue sky and shades it with grey shadows.

And now I try to remember as hard as I can,
try to feel what’s left of it and visit the building
I once called home.

Maxwell R. Black
November 16, 2010

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