June 28, 2010

What choice do you have when there is no choice at sight?

This is it. When the walls of the Universe collapse
and all of Reality ceases from exist.
But, is reality that important when you don’t really know it?
What choice do you have when there is no choice at sight?

Who really feels you and who is nothing but cloud of lies
shared upon the earth and seeding what is nothing more
then emptiness?
emptiness from lies… emptiness from truth also…
then is there a way not to feel it?
Maybe the difference is that when you truly make an effort not to leave a mark
then is just personal, for no one can remember you.

Your presence like a fleeting shadow.
A though to be forgotten in the library of memories.
Hoping from planet to planet but never staying, never asking anything in return
but a lifetime of adventure and devotion knowing it will come to an end, eventually.

And yet it becomes repetitive for someone who watches from the outside,
like a pattern that is not meant to be broken or disturbed;
just cosmic radiation in the background of existence

An acceptance of a life that cannot be changed
and that Time is lord to Life: No memory too felt,
no scar too deep not to be erased.

I do not feel time and yet I feel as old as time…

Maxwell R. Black
June 28, 2010

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  1. it can be repetitive but cannot be a pattern and you cannot accept it cuz everything can change..

    i love this music.
    and i really like come here :)