May 31, 2010

The curse of Time.

I have waited for you and yet it seems it has not passed long enough for you to miss me.
On the contrary, each and every time I reach for you, you pull away as if my disease of time would contaminate you.
If we were to be where the fireplace once stood, no rubbish of the sort would take place. For you would be here, as I am today, remembering the letter I once wrote where I poured all the water of wisdom I once possessed.
Now, at the setting of the sun in Versailles, the broken mantle is as if it never had been in the first place...
Shall I leave your memory as a cloud is swept away by this Autumn breeze against the blue of the sky? Or should I invest once more in this lost battle that is to have you when you so hardly try to keep me; pushing me away?
Should I see the timepiece my heart will beat as its pendulum of precision, telescope of enhancement of the moon light.
No such darkness shall ever reseed from the sky above...
You should have not asked me to pick a star from the sky and tell me that I would meet it. Your knowledge of my universe was so complete that you've seen how mush I strive to see the stars and the real world and you fed on me, ripping apart my soul and leaving nothing but the rotting bones you could not take with you.
No more.
For I have learned how time runs and seen how much I can refine the movements of the planets. I shall work gazing only to the night of the world, lit by the inspiration of the celestial clock and the glitter of the quarter-moon. And even when I think of you, I shall not for you have shown me how not to think of life with feelings of romance but only with the soul.

Maxwell R. Black
May 31, 2010


  1. Boa noite!
    Desculpa invadir o teu espaço! ;)
    É que vi no blog da Izzie que manténs contacto com ela!
    Podes dizer-lhe que a Amordemadrugada tem muitas saudades dela e espera que ela esteja bem?
    Podes, please!?

  2. Hoje talvez já seja tarde mas amanha digo-lhe ;)

  3. Já tenho resposta. Se me deres o teu e-mail envio-te o que ela disse.