October 18, 2009

Just loneliness

Anger is still

in a heart that will always live in civilisation.
I don’t want to get used to it
I don’t want to feel like an Earthily body,
empty of meaning and feeling.
Empty of what no longer is living.

I look outside my window and
no longer do I see the neon of the night.
No motors waiting for the green and the pedestrian
to feel a need to go forwards.
Empty streets now fill my heart
with such abandonment and feeling;
Sirens of an overwhelming silence.

Betrayed by myself,
by my past of indulgence with who,
in the end, didn’t deserve it.
Because, if it weren’t for your… There would be something else…
But water no longer runs back,
No point in dwelling with past lives
that lead me nowhere.
Resentment? No, just loneliness.

Maxwell Black
October 15, 2009


  1. Ahahhaahah o regional vai para aveiro! Onde arranjaste esta foto? Na estaçao da pampilhosa? God. I love this train... XD

    Ainda nao arranjaste quem te componha para pores as tuas letras a render?!

  2. Cá esta a inspiração regional. XD Encontrei-a. Sim ja tinha lido e ja tinha comentado. XD
    Another good song...