June 04, 2009


I hate it when you smile with those green eyes of yours

that shine; that show that there's something magical behind you fake

self-absorbance  and arrogance.

When you stupid beautiful smile pretends to be of someone

who does not what to be liked.

But I don't believe in love. I believe in fuck.

Love is what They make up so that they can get laid.

Love is for the weak minded.

Love is for those who believe that Hollywood fary-tales are possible.

Love is for those who like to suffer.

I believe a good fuck clears all that's bad in your mind.

It lets me get you out of my mind and pretend you never were

like so many before that come and go with no consequence.

Once more the pattern stands. Once more the result is the same.

What am I to you? Just a good fuck? Nah, I'm the one who uses you

not the other way round.

Because NONE of you deserve me and you'd be lucky just to have me.

So my motto was and still stands: FUCK'EM!!

Reflexõess das quatro

04 Jun 2009


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