November 25, 2011

Bitterness of green

There are these moments
wen you see nothing
blinded by what I can only describe
as rage.

I rises up your entrails
burning like acid fire of green
and the only rational though to mind
is where to burst the boiling lava
that fills your nostrils with the stench
of ignorance and oblivion.

So sudden as the first lightning bolt
that strikes with precise deadlines
just before the rain.

They just happen, these surges.

and then they cannot stop staring.
Why do they silently mock you
with eyes like spears covered in poison.

And the sound. That loud sound that
helps drown the thought
with barren words of pain.
Rugged words as hard as wood
and cold as iron that muffle
your… you.

Promises of nevermore?
A no-when filled with the taste of
bitter wind that boils as it hits the flesh,
blistering the mind and memories
of a perpetual non-existence.

Maxwell R. Black
November 25, 2011

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