May 06, 2011

The Lone Traveller.

As I look behind and walk forwards
I see nothing but a blur.
Something that one was as sharp as a knife
and yet it forced itself out of existence.

The sound of steel against steel
and the light ahead, in the darkness of night.
For the sun has long set
and now, only the void of Space and the stars
shine in the sky.

The traffic lights shine against the black velvet
and yet, here, in the far end of the platform
you are as small as a snowflake on a white blanked.

Our goodbye was a simple hug
of ‘see you later’
and now I cannot bare that that was the last time
I’ll ever see your face.

And you-- like so many before
moved on.
Just--moved on--

How is it possible that none of you misses me?
Not a single soul wonders what it is like to be
the one looking, wishing--

How could I be a fool believing
this time it would work out,
that I had found The One
even though I’ve seen there’s no such thing out there?
Shame on me for believing in such nonsense.

I’ll keep the memories but I’ll finely let
everyone go.
I am DONE. I’m done running. I’m done walking.
I’m done wishing and dreaming and thinking.
Done hoping every new you will be different
and that it is time to be thought of.

I’m trying so hard not to care, not to feel
that I end up feeling what is not supposed to be felt.

I want to burn every memory of you.
The bridge, the rose, the scarf, the dance on the top of the world
I try so hard to make them just good memories
of two people that shared a week of pure love.
and then I remember it is no longer real.

So hard to be strong.
Because, in the end you also teached me something;
so much.

Maxwell R. Black
May 6, 2011
01.43 am

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