August 03, 2009

One last goodbye.

One last goodbye
A kiss that will never be again
a tear that falls down my watery eyes
as a last thought of you
crosses my mind.

A thought of an absence
 I was feeling
even before you left.
Yet the war still goes and now
it is real.

No more hidden sweets
and smiles, no more kisses in the dark.
No more tenderness in a park
of lost green souls in the middle of the
city of loneliness.

These are my last words to you.
Words of hope to your future.

Brief yet with so much meaning.
A world we shared even in the silence
of the pear or under the yellow flowers
that fell on that not so distant day
from the trees;
a yellow carpet of flowers; a rain of light.

Words that still be suck in my thought
whenever my eyes and yours meet;
words never to be played; never to be listened.

A goodbye from a lone traveler
to one of his companions.
A wave in the distance to a boat
never to return to this sea;
One last look into your brown eyes
you so hard try to hide from the world;
One last touch on your delicate skin
as I close my eyes to feel every inch of your face;
as I hear your deep and frightened breath
when you’re in my harms.

I will always protect you;
and you will always and forever see my smile,
an honest thought for you.

Because I will never forget when I saw you cry;
when I felt your pain and when I helped you rise
from a reality I put you in;
from a pain that was never supposed to happen.

You will not cry anymore.
I will not let the tears fall from honesty.

These are my last words,
one last goodbye.

Maxwell Black
03 Aug 2009


  1. Começa a pensar em arranjar alguem que componha... Estas letras sao bastante boas... XD

  2. Elephant Love Medley?? Aos anoossss... XD Nunca mais ouvi para tentar esquecer as letras e ver o filme outra vez.. XD

  3. elephant love medley? LOL oh mr. black, you're screwed.