February 06, 2009

David, The Caged Bird

 3pm. The door opened and Daniel, a ten years old boy came into the room, running up the stairs. He could only think of one thing: his bird. As usual, the cage was in his desk, in front of the window. He looked at his grey bird. Singing his joyfull song the bird was looking outside. Daniel went across the room throwing his schoolbag to the floor and running to the cage as he did every afternoon. He used to spend ours looking at his bird, thinking, until his parents get home. He could hear the other kids outside, playing. School was over.
  - One day we'll fly away. - said Daniel to the bird. - I am so tired of being in this cage which bares that can't be seen. But I know they are there. Do you also feel trapped? - The bird stared at him for a wile and then continued whith his usual 'nothing to do'. - I guess you don't. After all who likes being trapped? But one day I will be free. - Daniel repeated. - Am I the only one waiting for fredom? Everybody else at school doen't seem to care about that. They're always talking and playing With hich other. Adults think I am living an illusion and dreaming. If this is a dream then reality must be much worse than this. I don't know whichis worse... I hate being here in this zoo, this reality. I dream that one day someone comes to me and says that all this is a test and I've passed. - One minute passed, both him and the bird silent. Daniel's vision surpassed the cage and focoused in a group of kids of his oun age playing in the middle of the street.
  - But why am I holding you here, then? I'm being worse then tey are. I am holding you here preventing you from being free. - Daniel oppened his bedroom window and the cage door and, as soon as he realised he could be free, he flew away. Daniel's green eyes filled with tears as he saw his best friend flying to fredom.
  - One day I will join you. One day I'll fly away.
(Corrected and Re-written)

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  1. What a big passion for this "One day I'll fly away". Beautiful song and it fits perfectly in here.
    I loved this part "I am so tired of being in this cage which bares that can't be seen." ... it's beautiful and I guess that I'll have to use it in a song.
    We totally know that feeling of being alone and hoping to fly away one day... I do know that so much.

    Ps: You have to practice a little more english, sweetheart ;)